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Residential County Antrim

Quantity Surveying in Residential County Antrim

We offer our clients with specialised cost management advice and support to let them be confident with their projects. Once you get in touch with us, we offer swift informed solutions on the proposed development of a residential project.

We focus on managing costs and the supply chain to skyrocket the amount of return on your investment. With our years of industry expertise, we help you to enjoy efficient delivery of a project by balancing risk, cost, quality and time.

We have years of market expertise. Our in-depth construction and engineering knowledge allow us to reduce your project management cost by thoroughly evaluating your objectives in residential county Antrim. We work towards maximising the value of your asset that you are investing in.

Our sector-specific data offers you invaluable modelling for your residential design where waste management remains a priority.

Our proactive approach to all our client’s projects enables us to build a powerful relationship with them.

Our purpose is helping you in the successful management of project planning, cost control and cost assessment. The process begins with a foreplan and proceeds as the plan takes a real form.

We at Dunlop Hawthorne Partnership program take care of the shortest possible time span with quality at a reasonable price.

We strive to achieve your business objectives maintaining balance among time, cost and quality to meet the needs of a client.

Contractual disputes sometimes become unavoidable due to the intense complexity of construction procurement. Our team is always ready to address the issue immediately and keep it stress-free.