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Quality Cost Management & Quantity Surveying – Dunlop Hawthorne Partnership

Effective cost management is crucial for each and every project irrespective of its sector. It intensifies when the private sector is concerned.

With the assistance of the quantity surveyor of Dunlop Hawthorne Partnership, you enjoy complete control over the financial and project planning departments of your project. Our staff play a pivotal role in project management by offering accurate estimations of the project cost. We make it possible by offering solutions according to our clint’s protocols.

Our cost manager offers assistance in budget setting, cost management during construction and design phases along with assisting in project management.
Our services involve:

  • Preparation of budgets and estimates
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Construction cost analysis
  • Check estimates
  • Cost analysis of Value engineering
  • Bid checks
  • Project assessment

Last but not the least, once we are done with all these, assessing the risk metrics of a project is the final finish that we offer to each of our clients. Diligent analysis of the risk metric allows us to monitor the risk elements and timely management of them. This enables us to offer you a solid ground before the successful accomplishment of a project.

The team of Dunlop Hawthorne has been in the business for years and is well-aware of the local and national markets which help to earn you a wider market understanding. Enjoying an informed business decision is the most secured aspect of a business dealing with us.

Our team makes use of the latest market cost assessment system where we can give you an estimation of your construction project in private county Antrim.

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